Custom Desktop/Notebook/Server Request

We build truly custom computer systems, with only the hardware and software you want it in. Unlike other companies, you get to keep all the original media and manuals so you can upgrade or repair your system on your own if you like (though, we'd love for you to have us instead). You can also choose to have any operating system installed on your computer, or none at all.

If you are ready, you can fill out our Custom System Request Form now, and we will get started right away.

Why we are different

If you're looking for a specific part, you can email us at sales@stellimare.com we'll try and find it for you. Our prices are less than retail, especially when it comes to new technologies. For example, our Blu-Ray disc writers cost less than anybody else out there!

Note to non-US customers: at present, we do not export to foreign countries, but we will file for a permit for your specific country if the order is large enough for us to justify the expense of filing, or we have enough requests from foreign buyers of the same country.

Ready now? Then Request a custom system today!

Those who purchase a computer with Linux installed as the only operating system will get free training on using Linux, not to exceed one hour.